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This has been a difficult year so far due to COVID19 to say the least. There have been player turnout,  scheduling issues, cancelled games and one issue I want to talk about specifically. EDP had some difficulty with fielding enough teams to fill out all of their divisions for the Fall. As such they moved a number of upper level Premier teams to play in lower divisions to provide enough games to play.  As such, our teams are playing teams well above our playing level for the most part this season and is not something we requested or normally do.

This is a challenge but one that we will overcome in time. The positive in my view is that all our teams our gaining new experience from this and will be stronger over time. Of course the negative of losing on a regular basis takes an emotional toll on all involved.   Please try to view it as a training opportunity and a lesson to handle adversity with your players. These are unique times and we all need to be flexible right now.


Additionally, we have had many new players join the Academy is the past month or so, which will also help strengthen us over time. . It takes time to integrate new players to our style of play and with established Academy players but it will be worth it.


Please be patient during this time, overall player development is always our goal. Winning is an objective but sometimes a bit of rebuilding is needed to get back on track. Please contact me directly if anyone has questions and comments.


Coach Joe DiMauro


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