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Xolos Academy NJ Announcements

Registration 2019 - 2020

All current Xolos NJ Academy members are accepted for the 2019 -2020 season. We do not hold tryouts for our members on a year to year basis. Remember, we are a Professional Academy, one of the few in the entire region.

We do not follow the standards of town travel clubs that hold tryouts yearly and as such we expect our members to sign with us for the next year or tell us if they will not.

All players must re commit for the 2019/2020 season by May 10 2019. If you do not we will talk about next steps with you.

Club Tijuana Xolos

As part of being an Academy member, players who achieve a high level play will get the opportunity to train with our First Team Academy in Tijuana Mexico


We have decided to drop the cost of the Academy program to $800 per player. We hope this helps more families come to the Xolos NJ as an alternative to over priced Academies in the area.

All members must play a $300 payment in May and the balance to  be  paid in five $100 installments.

Tournament, Winter fees and Fund Raisers will be charged separately as they occur.


Scholarships for the Xolos NJ Academy are awarded on a case by case basis to families in need and special situations. Please speak to us if you require assistance.

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